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The History

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LO S�upca - The History - Wydrukuj 
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The history of our high school is connected with the between WW I and WW II period. Our students started learning on the 1st September 1918 year in the old school at Warszawska Street in the power plant building. The only solution of this situation was to build a new edifice. At the same time a new amendment appeared in which the government declared help. In 1921 The School Building Committee was set up in Słupca. Its members were: Stanisław Węgliński – the mayor, Franciszek Szczygłowski – priest, Karol Pecke – school’s inspector, Józef Jakubowicz – school’s manager and others. Słupca’s councilors chose the city center as the best place for building the school.
The school’s edifice was designed by an engineer Sylwester Pajzderski – an architect from Poznań, and the building of the edifice was entrusted to Mr. Gutler from Śrem. The works were started in 1922 and after one year the eastern building wing of the edifice was completed. This way the problem of primary schools was solved, however the ambition of the local authorities was secondary school. Although they failed to start grammar school, they obtained the consent to establish Pedagogical Seminary, which was supposed to educate new pedagogical staff, so needed after regaining the independence.
The local department of education funded building of the western wing of the edifice. The two parts of the building were joined by gymnasium. The Pedagogical Seminary functioned in the western building wing since 1st September 1925. Pedagogical staff was educated there for 11 years.
In 1932 a new educational reform caused gradual liquidation of the Seminary. One course was solved each year. This process could have deprived Słupca of secondary school, but the city council decided to create grammar school which was to take over the facilities of the Pedagogical Seminary. Thanks to this decision after closing the Pedagogical Seminary, State Grammar School of General Education of Marshal J. Piłsudski had already been functioning. First students passed so called “small matriculation exam” in 1936/37 school year.
After the Second World War broke off the Grammar school stopped functioning, since the whole building was occupied by German soldiers.
On the 4th January 1941 there was a fire, which destroyed the whole third floor of the building and all the books, documents and other facilities gathered there. It was partly rebuilt in summer 1941 and in 1942 opened Deutsche Volksschule for German children living in the area.
The lot of Polish students and their teachers was tragic. While fighting for independence many of them died. On 21st January 1945 Słupca was freed from German occupation. Two months later on the 26th March the grammar and high school reopened. The school management was overtaken by Mr. Karol Siwy who took the position of grammar school headmaster on the 11th March 1945.
During the first summer holidays some of the classrooms were repainted, school equipment was supplemented, school dormitory for boys and girls and the teaching staff grew larger. Normal school life was slowly coming back.
However, in the second part of the 40s politics more and more brutally interfered with the school life. At this time the period of Stalin rule started and Mr. Karol Siwy was dismissed from the position of the headmaster, since he was suspected of being a member of the opposition. Moreover, illegal opposition organizations were detected at school, therefore Mr. Karol Siwy had to take early retirement.
Dr Jan Miśkowiak became new headmaster in 1947. It was then that prof. Tadeusz Kosmalski organized orchestra of stringed instruments with school choir. The tradition of musical meetings with the artists of Poznań Philharmonic lasts till today.
The apogee of Stalin rule fell on the beginning of the 50s. Due to the fact that the secret organization operated in the school premises Regional Secret Police in Konin carried out investigations and brutal arrests. As his punishment Mr Miśkowiak was moved to school in Wagrowiec.
Next headmaster was Mr Władysław Dąbrowski in February 1951. He filled his duties only till 1st February 1952 because on the 7th January 1952 the portraits of Stalin, Mao-Tse-Tung and Bierut were damaged and there also appeared school bulletin with anti-state article. After this, the headmaster Władysław Dąbrowski was dismissed. New headmaster Piotr Syczewski took charge of the school on 1st February 1952.
Since 1954 Mr Franciszek Bierła – a geaography teacher - became the school headmaster. After him Mr Jerzy Rybicki, who at his own request came to Słupca from Kłodawa. In the school year 1965/66 there was celebrated 40 years of the high school. However, there is no information about it in the school’s chronicle.
At the end of the 60s communist ideology left a stamp on the school life. The clear evidence of it is in the schools chronicle like: “The Fifth Convention of Polish United Party of Workers” or “51st anniversary of the Red Army’.
In 1982 after Mr Andrzej Patora’s death, mr Leszek Czapliński became new headmaster. In 1984 a new idea appeared connected with building new gymnasium. Since that moment works and efforts had been made to complete the project, but for the final results we had to wait till 1993.
Since first September 1987 mr Wojciech Rajewicz became new headmaster. In 1988 student council decided to make efforts to give name to the high school. There were two candidates to consider: Marshal Józef Piłsudski and priest Prelate Franciszek Szczygłowski. As the result of voting of the board of teachers and students, the school was given back the previous name of Marshal Józef Piłsudski on the 5th December (the day of Marshal’s birth) 1990. Since then, the school Patron’s Day is celebrated on the 5th December.
In 2002 Mrs Beata Kwiatkowska became new headmaster. After the school year major repairs of the third floor began. Since the new school year 2003/2004 Mr Tadeusz Raczkowski has been next headmaster, who also continues the efforts connected with modernizing the school and enriching the school life every day.

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